Community page

The Community section is to the right of the homepage (accessible by sliding or by clicking the  button at the top of the page).

The page is divided into two blocks:

  • The “Return a Wistiki” used to return a found Wistiki to its owner.
  • A list of discussions with the community, conversations concerning the loss of one or more Wistikis.


Return a Wistiki

When you click on the button “Return a Wistiki”, you will be asked to place the Wistiki that you found close to your device (smartphone or tablet) so that the app can recognize the owner of the Wistiki.

When possible, you will be directed to a conversation with the owner of the Wistiki to agree on how to return the lost object.

You can come back to this conversation at any time as it is now included in your list of discussions.


List of discussions

All your conversations with the other members of the Wistiki community will be listed here: people whose Wistiki you found and people who found one of your Wistiki.

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