The Bluetooth® technology is what ensures the connection and communication between the Wistiki tracking devices and the smartphone or tablet.

You will enjoy the different Wistiki services as long as your Bluetooth® is turned on AND the app is open. If you minimize the app (in background mode) you can also use all the features of Wistiki.

As long as your Bluetooth® is activated, even if you turn on the Airplane mode, you can still use the app features except for GPS localization.

Be careful! On the other hand if you completely close the app, your smartphone or tablet will not be connected to your Wistiki trackers until you launch the app again.

Note1: How to close the Wistiki application?

  • iOS
    Double click on the main button (home button) of the smartphone or tablet and then swipe the app toword top (for iOS 7) or click on the « - » icon of the Wistiki app (for iOS 6).

  • Android
    Click on the "open apps" (caracterized by the following icons on the most recent devices :  or  ) or by pressing a certain time on the « home » button (for older generation devices) and then swipe out the app you want to close.

Another option is to go the app setting menu and force the shutdown of the Wistiki app.

Note2: Only one device can be connected at once.
The Bluetooth® technology allows a single connection between the Bluetooth tracking devices and a mobile device. This justifies the fact that if the owner or one of his friends is connected to a Wistiki, the other users or shared friends will detect the Wistiki "out of range", even if they’re close to the Wistiki.

If you observe your Wistiki is out of range although it’s physically close to you, make sure that no one else is connected to the tracker. Also verify that your Bluetooth® is activated.

For more information about sharing a Wistiki, please go to the "Share" section.

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