By launching the app for the very first time, after going through the tutorial illustrating the main features of the Wistiki app, you will land on the log-in page.

You need to create an account in order to use the app as the Wistiki tracking devices will be registered along with the owner’s account/email address. This ensures that the user can log in to its account and see the registered Wistiki from any mobile device or several devices simultaneously (in case you change your phone, or if you possess a tablet in addition to a smartphone, or if you use a smartphone of your friend).

If you do not have an account yet, you can sign-in by tapping the the "create account" button. Just enter your surname, name, email and a password in the requested format.

To validate the email address, an activation link will be sent to the given address. Do not forget to click on the link to finalize the process! Once you have gone through the process, you can log in to your account.

You can access to the Wistiki app account from any mobile device and enjoy the whole features and services of the app.

Be careful! Should you log in from another person’s device do not forget to log out using the appropriate tab in the main menu (My account > Disconnect).

Note 1: As mentionned above you can log in to the Wistiki account using several devices, however, because of the Bluetooth® technology, we only can see the device connected "in range" from the first device that scanned its Bluetooth radio wave. The other devices will display "out of range", even if they’re close to the Wistiki. For more information about this limitation, please refer to section "Bluetooth®".

Note 2: If you own a first generation of Wistiki (see image below) you need to download the new application and create another account to use a product of Wistiki by Starck collection. You can of course use the same personal information as both applications are not linked to each other at all.

Should you experience issues while signing-in, please refer to the FAQ.

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