GPS Locator

One of the Wistiki essential app features is the geolocation of your items. As long as the Wistiki stays within the Bluetooth range of your smartphone or tablet (100m/328ft in an open area), its location will be recorded and shown on the map of the app. Make sure that the GPS of your mobile device is turned on.

Once your Wistiki is out of the Bluetooth® range, the last known position recorded from the GPS of the smartphone will be displayed. (Wistiki is not a GPS tag and uses the GPS position of the device to which it is connected). 

The geolocation informations of your Wistiki are available on the Home Page of the app as well as on the Informarion Page of your Wistiki.

Note: The geolocation is more accurate if you activate the Wi-fi on your mobile device (even if you’re not connected to any Wi-fi in particular, this will help optimizing your coordinates).

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