Activating the Wistiki device

In order to see Step 1 and 2 please go to section "Account creation".

Step 3 :
Wistiki uses Bluetooth® technology to connect and exchange data with the app. It is therefore necessary to turn on the Bluetooth® of your smartphone or tablet before moving on to the next steps.

To activate the Bluetooth® on your mobile device:

Go to the settings window by swiping from the bottom of your device to the top. On this menu you will find the Bluetooth® icon which you just have to tap to turn on if not already done.

Scroll down the notifications task bar by swiping from the top of your device to the bottom.  Depending on your version and the mobile device model you have, a Bluetooth® icon should be visible. In this case please activat it if not already done. Should the icon not figure on this notification task bar please open your parameters > connections and networks > activate Bluetooth®.

Note: Most of the Wistiki app features work thanks to the Bluetooth® technology. To fully enjoy the maximal performance of the app features, please leave the Bluetooth® on at all times.

Step 4 :
Once the app has been downloaded, the account has been created and the Bluetooth® activated please open the app and connect to your account.

On the Home Page, click on the « + » button to start pairing your Wistiki. 

Should you never have paired a Wistiki on your account, the button will appear as follows : 

If you already have some devices paired with your app, the button will look like this : 

Whatever version of the button you can see, they both have the same function: start pairing a new Wistiki 

A tutorial will automatically start and guide you through the below steps.

Step 5 :
Take your Wistiki and press the button hard on the device for 3 seconds until you hear a sound.

Note: In case you accidently already went through this step earlier, thus if the Wistiki does not emit a sound – do not worry and wait 60 seconds before renewing the action.

Step 6 :
Wistiki is now activated and needs to be paired to the smartphone or tablet. Place Wistiki next to your mobile device to enable its detection.

The pairing process has successfully started, please wait. This step can last up to one minute.


Step 7 :
Once the pairing process is completed, you can customize your Wistiki profile.


Choose a name and a color you would like to associate to your new Wistiki, then take a picture or choose an icon which matches the best. This will help you identify the Wistiki among others in the list. You can always update those informations later. Please click "NEXT" to continue.


Congratulations! You just successfully paired the Wistiki. From now on it will figure on the main page of the app. In case you’d like to add another tracker, please repeat the above steps by starting directly at step 3.

You can now test the basic features described in the section "What we can do with a Wistiki".

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