Account creation

Step 1 :
To make Wistiki work, you need to make sure you have the Wistiki mobile app on your smartphone or tablet.

Should you already have downloaded the app and created your own account, you can directly go to Step 3.

If you do not have the app yet, please download and install it now. It’s free, no subscription is needed and available on both iOS and Android platforms at the below links:


For more information regarding the compatibility of your smartphone or tablet, please go to section "Compatibility".


Step 2 :
Once the app is installed on your smartphone or tablet, please launch it. A step-by-step tutorial will introduce the core features, and then you will be asked to log-in or create your account.

Create your account by filling out the requested information in the correspondant fields.

To activate your account you will receive an email on the provided email address including an activation link. Please click on this link to proceed.  

This account will allow you to continue using all Wistiki Bluetooth® trackers from any mobile devices and enjoy the Wistiki services from anywhere anytime!

Example: If you are visiting a friend but forgot your smartphone or your tablet at your home and on top of this you cannot find your keys; just borrow your friend’s smartphone, download the app and log in to your account in order to make your Wistiki key chain ring – and then relax. This is also valid when you change your own smartphone.

If everything went well, go on to section "Activating the Wistiki device".

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