Use cases

Wistiki helps you to find and locate your keys, purse, wallet, bags and luggage, smartphone, tablet and more – be creative!

Various features are available so you can find what you love quickly from your smartphone or tablet in any situations. All app features work for the three trackers.

Let’s showcase the features by means of the voilà! attached to your bunch of keys.


Ringtone feature

In open areas you can make Wistiki ring from the Wistiki app up to a range of 100m/328ft.

Example: If your keys are hidden under a cushion or behind an obstacle you will be able to locate them quickly and easily by making the Wistiki voilà! ring 

In addition, for those who tend to mislay their smartphones or tablets regularly…it does work the other way around! Just press the button on any Wistiki device and make your phone or tablet ring, even if they’re on silent mode. This feature is commonly called the "Wist-Back".


Hot-cold radar

In case you are in a very loud and crowded area, the alternative solution to find your items from your phone is to use the proximity gauge, called hot-cold radar. This way you can visually see if you’re getting closer to your lost item and are about to find it or if you’re moving away from it.

Example: Let’s say you’re at the cinema, or in a crowded bar…and you cannot find your keys. Using this gauge will quickly guide your steps towards the missing bunch of keys.


Last geolocation coordinates

Once the smartphone or tablet and the Wistiki are moving away from each other and the Bluetooth® connection disrupted, the mobile device remembers the GPS location of the place the Wistiki was left.

Exemple: You’re not sure if you left your keys at home, at the restaurant, in your car or at your friends place ? The Wistiki app has recorded that location for you and shows it on the map so you do not have to worry about it anymore.

Be Careful! Please note that Wistiki is not a real time GPS beacon. If your keys are moved away after you lost them, the last geolocation coordinates will not be accurate anymore.



In case you do not manage to find your keys through any feature mentionned above, the Wistiki user community comes into play to help you. There are two levels of intervention :

  • The passive community : Should a Wistiki app user pass by the Wistiki (even if it is not his own), the GPS coordinates of the Wistiki will anonymously be sent to our secured servers. This updated location will be displayed on the owner’s app.

Example: Let’s say you’re moving around with your Wistiki but you unabled the Bluetooth® of your phone or tablet. The position displayed on your app will match. If another Wistiki user, who has the Bluetooth® activated on his mobile device, passes within the range of your Wistiki, the tracker’s location will be updated on your app, without him even noticing it !

  • The active community : Should a person have lost his belongings for real, one can deliberately ask for the community to help him find his lost Wistiki. To do so, the person has to declare its Wistiki as « lost » by hitting the « declare lost » button in the app. From that moment on, as soon as a Wister passes nearby the lost Wistiki, the person who declared it lost will receive a notification and can start a live-chat via the app.

Example: Let’s say you’ve left your keys at home going to work. The last GPS coordinates recorded by your Wistiki app will therefore be the mailing adress of your home. Should you child take your keys during the day and lose them in public transportation you can declare them as « lost ». If a member of the Wistiki community passes nearby your keys, their location will automatically be updated and you will get a notification and be able to start a conversation via the live-chat so you can get back your keys.

On top of this, should a person find your lost key ring, that person is able to use the « give back a Wistiki » feature via the app. This will lead to open an instant chat window enabling the ‘finder’ to get in touch with the owner (yourself) of the Wistiki and agree on how he could return the lost item.  The chat is anonymous and only your first name and the first letter of your last name will appear. (ex.: Daniel S.)


Use Wistiki to locate your vehicle

People who use Wistiki in order to locate their vehicles more often use the last geolocation coordinates feature.

Example : When you’re at the mall and put a Wistiki in your glove compartment before leaving your car at the parking lot, the position of your car will be rememberred on the app of the smartphone or tablet. Once you come out the mall with groceries all over your hands, if you’ve forgotten where your car is parked just have a look at your phone and find it easily !


Use Wistiki to locate your pets

Should you decide to put a Wistiki ahā! on your loved ones, here’s a quick overview of the most appropriate functionalities to keep track of animals :

First, you can make the Wistiki medal ring in order to locate your pet in any corner of your house or garden, within the range of 328ft. (100m) (out-door).

Should your puppy run away and get out of the Bluetooth® range, you can declare it « lost » via the app. Any member of the Wistiki community passing close to your Wistiki will update the GPS position and you’ll know where your animal is at that point. If someone finds the animal, he or she will be able to enter a live chat with you and inform you that you loved one is with him. You will then get your puppy back and maybe have a new Wistiki friend ! The chat is anonymous and only your first name and the first letter of your last name will appear. (ex.: Daniel S.)


Twisted use cases

Our existing community members are the best ones to give us advice and feedback on the usages they make with their Wistiki.

Some of them have shared their experience though we’d never have thought about using Wistiki for the following cases :

- Share your Wistiki !

« My roomy uses our common flat as his home-office. The other morning I left the flat in such a rush that I was not sure anymore if I had left my keys at the appartment or simply lost them in the subway. Later in the day, instead of waiting until coming back home and make them ring to check myself, I decided to simply share my Wistiki user rights with my roomy. He then was able to make the keys ring and called me to let me know they were safe and at home under a sofa pillow. What a relief ! Thanks Wistiki  »

Dave, 23 years, Paris


- Use of the crowd GPS

« On Wednesdays, my 10 year old boy goes to his judo practice on his own and uses public transportation. In order to keep him under constant surveillance, I placed a Wistiki in his bag and made him download the Wistiki app on his smartphone. Then I shared my user rights. His position is updated regularly on my own smartphone or tablet so I can track his moves and make sure he’s on the right way and out of danger ! (I know…I am the typical helicopter parent !)

Tamara, 34 years, Bordeaux


Although this use case is an adaptation from the regular uses we advocate and keeping in mind that Wistiki does not support nor encourage the use of the devices on human beings, we thought that it could be interesting to show the versatility of the Wistiki app. Wistiki clears itself from any responsability that could result from this kind of usage.


The purpose of Wistiki is to make people’s life easier every day. The variety of usages is infinite. If you happen to experience a particular situation where Wistiki helped you, please share your story on or tell it on our Twitter account so that other users of the community can benefit from it also !


Do not use Wistiki for the following scenarios :

- Wistiki is not a GPS tracker

When your smartphone or tablet are nearby the Wistiki, the location on the application’s map reflects the position of your Wistiki. Once you happen to get further away from your Wistiki (>100m or >328ft.), the GPS feature of the smartphone or tablet will record its last position. The Wistiki mobile application therefore behaves as a back up memory and remembers where you’ve left your belongings by displaying this information on the map screen. After which the community takes over. Wistiki is not a real time GPS tracking device. For more information about the functioning of the community, please refer to section 3.5 « Community ».


Wistiki is not designed to be put on elderlies, disabled people or children

The Wistiki tracking device was created to fight against the loss of items or animals and help people find their mislaid belongings easily. It was not designed to protect or put humans under surveillance. Wistiki declines any responsability in case a Wistiki device is placed on a human being.

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