Wistiki by Starck collection by Philippe Starck

The Wistiki Bluetooth® tracking devices are available in three different shapes. Each of them has a particular name : voilà!, hopla! and ahā!. Their ergonomics are adapted to be used on a specific kind of item or an animal.

When designing the Wistiki by Starck collection, the world renowned creator Philippe Starck managed to make them look like connected jewels. 

This elegant design line comes in a range of 4 vibrant pantone colors selected by Starck himself – yellow, purple, orange and pink - so they fit the mood of everybody!

All of the three devices have been manufactured to be completely sealed and waterproof up to 10cm/3.9in flooding.

ahā! is made for pets

This Bluetooth® tracker has been designed to be attached to the collar of your pet. Wistiki strongly suggests the use of plastic collars or harnesses which are safe for animals.

The connectivity of devices that work with Bluetooth® technology are based on radio waves. Those are in line with FCC standard and IC standard regulations and thus are harmless to pets' health.

The ringtone volume of ahā! is similar to a smartphone’s one.


voilà! for keys and more

The Wistiki voilà! tag perfectly works as a key ring. However it can be attached to any object of your choice.


hopla! for the wallet

The Wistiki hopla! is as slim as a credit card so it can fit into your wallet or be sticked to any flat surface such as a laptop, a tablet or a passport thanks to its double-sided self adhesive. Dimensions are 85,6x53,98x3,8 mm/3.37x2.13x0.15in.

Please note that the hopla! will have no impact on the proper functioning of other items in your wallet (credit card or other chip cards).


 If you would like to know more about the technical specs (weight, dimensions..) of the Wistiki by Starck collection devices, please go to section « Technical Specifications » of this manual.


In this user manual, the term ‘Wistiki’ will be used as a generic term to refer to the three trackers of the Found You! collection by Philippe Starck.

The features do not apply to the older product generation of Wistiki.  

For the first generation Bluetooth® tracker helpdesk please click here.

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