This function enables you to share your Wistiki with various people.
Although a Wistiki only has one owner, it can have several friends!

The owner defines these friends, and their number is unlimited.
Friends can access the same functions as the owner (location, ringtone, Wist-Back, hot-cold radar, etc.) except sharing.

To access the sharing details of a Wistiki, click on the button:  in the detail page for the Wistiki in question.

Depending on your status, you will see the following page:

1. If you are the owner of the Wistiki


       Wistiki without friends              Wistiki with 1 friend

On this page you can add new friends or give away your Wistiki.


Be careful! When you share your Wistiki, friends will have access to all the functions of the Wistiki except sharing (Friends cannot add new people). Including the last location of the Wistiki.

Before sharing, remember that these people will be able to see the Wistiki moving around place to place (and thus of the person carrying it). However, sharing is easy to cancel and redo.

The company Wistiki is not responsible for any misuse of this function such as following a person with a device.

If you wish to share your Wistiki, enter the email address of the person concerned and click on “Share”.

  • If the email address is already linked to a Wistiki account, your friend will receive a notification on his/her smartphone/tablet and will be able to see the Wistiki on his/her application immediately.
  • If the friend does not have a Wistiki account yet, an invitation email will be sent to him/her informing him/her of your share request. He/she will then be able to download and install the application and create an account with his/her address email. When he/she connects, he/she will be able to see the Wistiki.

NoteBluetooth® technology allows only one connection between trackers and a telephone/tablet. This is why if the owner of the Wistiki, or one of his/her friends is connected to a Wistiki, the others will see it as out of range, even if they are nearby. In case one of your Wistiki is displayed as out of range although you are sure it is close, ensure that one of your friends or the owner (if it is not you) is not already connected to it. Also check that your Bluetooth® is activated.

There is no limit to the number of friends. They will be displayed in the share section of the Wistiki in the form of icons:

If you have more than 6 friends, you will need to “slide” to the right (slide your finger from right to left) to see them all.

Clicking on a friend’s icon will take you to their profile page:

From there, you will be able to:

  • Cancel sharing with this person: They will no longer see this Wistiki in their list of Wistiki on the application.
  • Give the Wistiki to this person: By giving a Wistiki, the person becomes the owner of the Wistiki. And you become a friend. You will still have access to the services provided by the Wistiki (location, ringtone, Wist-back, hot-cold radar, etc.) but will no longer be able to share with people you choose for this Wistiki.

Note: To be able to give the Wistiki to someone, they must have a Wistiki account (and you must enter the corresponding address in the “friend’s email” field if you use the previous page).


Giving away a Wistiki


When you decide to give your Wistiki to another person, there are two possibilities:

  • Keep the list of friends: If you give the Wistiki to someone close and want other Wistiki friends to remain linked to it.
  • Remove the list of friends: If you give the Wistiki to someone less close or unknown, you may, for confidentiality reasons, cancel the sharing of all the old friends of the Wistiki.

Once you have given away the Wistiki, the new owner will see it displayed in his/her list of Wistikis. You can choose to cancel the sharing with yourself so as not to see it in your list.


2. If you are a friend of the Wistiki

If somebody has shared a Wistiki with you, its shared space will be displayed as follows:

From here, you can see the profile of the Wistiki’s owner:

And “Cancel sharing” if you wish.
The Wistiki will no longer appear in your Wistiki list.

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