Despite the various functions of Wistiki, it is possible for you not to be within range of your Wistiki, and for it not to be in the last place you left it because someone has moved it.

In case you have no idea where it is, you can declare it as “lost” in the application so that Wisters' community can help finding it.

To declare lost, go to the Information Page of the Wistiki and click on the button .

Note: The Wistiki is only declared lost for the user who declared it so. For other users (owner or friends), it retains its normal status.



After a Wistiki has been declared lost and a user passes by without realizing it, the new position of the lost Wistiki will be sent to you automatically and anonymously by a push notification and its last position will be updated on the application.

Note1: The update function for the position of a Wistiki when a Wister passes by is active all the time. The advantage of declaring your Wistiki as lost is that you are notified when this happens.

Note2: The notification is sent only to the user who declared the loss, not to the other users who are connected to the Wistiki (owner or friends).



When someone finds a lost Wistiki, they will need to download the Wistiki by Starck application if hi/she doesn't have it yet. Then go to the Community Page   of the application (to the right of the main page) and click on the button “Return a Wistiki”.

Follow the instructions displayed to start a conversation with the owner of the lost Wistiki to enable the lost object/animal to be returned.

In order to make the Community functions all the more effective and relevant, Wistiki does everything possible to growin the community of several hundreds of thousands of users.

You can ask your family and friends to download the application (even if they do not have a Wistiki), so that your Wistiki can be located and found more quickly in the event you lose them.

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