My account

The My account section is on the left of the homepage (accessible by “sliding” to the left or by clicking the    button at the top of the page).

From this page, you can:

  • Access your personal information and edit it by clicking on the  icon.
  • Go to the Wistiki store to purchase new trackers.
  • Access the Help and Support area if you are in difficulty.
  • Go to the About page where you can:
    • rate the application on the Store
    • follow Wistiki on social networks
    • view the tutorial presented the first time you use the application
    • report a malfunction to the technical team
    • access the legal documents related to the application
    • view the licences for the application and its exact version
  • Disconnect from the application to allow other people to connect to it. Your account is not linked to your device. For more information on this, go to the “Signing-in” section.
    Be careful: when you disconnect from the application this closes all services linked to your Wistikis (location, reverse ringtone, etc.)

 Personal information

  • Profile photo
    You can personalize your profile photo by clicking on the associated button.

  • Surname and first name
    This information is mandatory and therefore must be completed, however you can choose to edit it. To do so, click on the  icon and edit the information directly.
  • Email
    This is your account ID and cannot be changed.
    It enables you to connect to different devices at the same time.

    If you wish to change your email, you will need to create a new account and transfer all your Wistikis to the new account.

    If you wish to do so, follow these instructions:


1- Disconnect from an old account
First, disconnect from your current account by clicking the “Disconnect” button in the My Account section .

2- Create a new account
This will take you to the authentication page. Click on “Create an account”. Enter the information required to create a new account with your new email address.

Note 1: You can keep the same surname, first name and even password if you wish.

Note 2: Do not forget to activate this new account via the link which will be sent to you by email (to your new email address).

3- Connect to your old account
Go back to the connection page of the application and reconnect to your old account.

4- Transfer Wistiki
If you are not sure about sharing Wistiki, please read the section on “Share” then follow the procedure below for each one of your Wistiki:

Wistiki of which you are the owner
Transfer it to your new account by entering your new email address in the correct field.

Select the option “Keep all friends”.

Once the Wistiki is transferred to the new account, click on “Cancel sharing” to remove it from your old account.

Wistiki of which you are a friend
You cannot share your Wistiki with the new account. You have to ask the owner of the Wistiki to do this. Once this has been done, click on “Cancel sharing” to remove it from your old account.

Repeat this process for each of your Wistiki.

5- Connect to your new account
Disconnect from your old account using the “Disconnect” button in the My Account   section and connect to your new account with your new login details.

Once connected, all of the Wistikis you own will be shown on the homepage along with those you are friends with (if their owners shared them with your new account).

Note 1: Your discussions in the Community area will not appear on this account as they cannot be transferred.

Note 2: Your old account will not be removed (it is not possible to remove accounts) but will be empty and thus useless. You can always connect to it to consult your old discussions if you had any.



When you enter a discussion with another Wistiki user (if you lose a Wistiki for example), only your first name and the first letter of your surname will be displayed to your contact.

For example, the user Julien Dupont will be displayed as “Julien D.”.

No other personal information (email, password, location) will be shared.

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