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Once you’ve launched the app, you will land on the main screen.


This is the Home Page showing the list of your registered Wistiki devices. This list shows all devices related to your account meaning the one you own yourself and the ones that have been shared with you as a friend.

If you are not yet familiar with the "Share a Wistiki" feature, please go to the "Share" section.

In case you already have some paired devices or also when you don’t, the following buttons will always be visible to allow you to add a new Wistiki device:


Should you already possess one or more Wistiki Bluetooth® tracking devices or if someone has shared one or several units with you, a list of devices will be displayed on this page.

Each item on the list refers to a Wistiki device. T
he main task bar is divided into three parts :

Left hand side :

You will see the picture or the icon assigned to the Wistiki, surrounded by the chosen color.

A circle can appear on the top left corner of this picture or icon. When it is displayed, this means that the Wistiki has been shared.

 If the circle is filled with color this means that someone has shared this Wistiki with you. The first letter of the first name of this person is displayed.

 If the dot has a white background, this means that you are the actual owner of the WIstiki and that you’ve shared it with some friends. The first letter of the first name of each of your friends will appear in the circle. In case you’ve shared it with more than 4 people, only the total number of people will be shown.

If you decide to declare the Wistiki as “lost”, by pressing the icon, the bloc will appear as follows:

Once another Wister will find the lost item or pass nearby the Wistiki, the bloc will returned to its initial appearance. In the first case a conversation will start in the "Chat" section of the app so owner and finder can agree on a way to return the Wistiki. In the second scenario, you will receive a notification showing the updated location of Wistiki.

Should you need more information about the lost  function, please go to section Loss”.

Central part:

In this section the following information will be displayed:

  • The name given to the Wistiki.
  • The last position/address which has been recorded when someone was within the Bluetooth® range of the Wistiki. Sometimes the app cannot find this location as there’s a temporary internet connection issue.
  • The date or time when the above mentioned location was last scanned, or while Wistiki is actually connected to the Bluetooth® it will show “just now” .

Note 1:
If you are sharing this device with somebody, a sentence will be shown above the bloc indicating the person(s) you’re sharing it with as well as the direction of the share (“I share with ...” or “Shared by …”)

Note 2:
While the Wistiki is ringing, a proximity gauge shows up instead of the last position/address. It indicates the distance between your phone or tablet and the Wistiki showing whether you’re approaching to or rather moving away from the Wistiki.


Right hand side:

 This bell button is available on the right hand side of each Wistiki main bar. It allows you to make your device ring whenever you are connected to the Wistiki via Bluetooth®. The state of the icon changes depending on the connection.

  •  Disconnected: You are not within the Bluetooth® range of your Wistiki. Or someone you shared the Wistiki with is connected to it. For more details about the Bluetooth connection, please refer to “Bluetooth®”.
  •  Connecting wave animation: Wistiki is in range and the app is getting connected.
  •  Connected: You are within the Bluetooth® range of your Wistiki and connected to your device. You can make it ring by tapping the icon. A short pressure is enough.
  •  Bell animation: Your Wistiki is ringing! You can stop the melody by tapping the icon again. Otherwise the device will continue ringing for 12 seconds (equivalent to playing the sonic branding 3 times).

If you click anywhere on the above described main task bar (except for the one showing the bell!), you will access the screen showing all the details of each Wistiki: the Wistiki Information Page.

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