Reverse Ringtone : Wist-Back

The time will come when you will have your Wistiki in your hand, but you’ll be desperately looking for your smartphone or tablet (which probably are right under your face but you just cannot see it!).

In this scenario, you can use the so-called Wist-Back (reverse ringtone).

To make your smartphone or tablet ring, press on the button on the Wistiki for a little while. The Wistiki will connect to the device and make it ring within a few seconds. The ringtone of the smartphone or tablet will stop after 4 seconds (playing the melody once). 

This very useful feature as this works even your mobile device is in silent mode.

Be careful! This feature works only when your smartphone or tablet has the Bluetooth® turned on and are within the Bluetooth® range of the Wistiki.

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