When your smartphone or tablet are within the Bluetooth® range of the Wistiki, you can make it ring from the main page of the app.

Tap on the ringtone icon  associated to the Wistiki you want to locate. The smartphone or tablet will establish the connection with the Wistiki and make it ring.

To stop the sound, you can either tap on the ringtone icon again, or wait for 12 seconds for the melody to stop on its own.


Our ringtone is unique and common to all Wistiki devices. The melody easily differentiates from other ringtones, and it is not possible to customize the ringtone.

The volume of the device ringtone cannot be changed either. We have worked to make it as loud as possible despite the challenges of making the smallest device and stay within standard health regulations.

Note: If your Wistiki is out of the Bluetooth® range of your smartphone or tablet the ringtone icon will be replaced by another one: .

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